We are looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Burgas, and dear friends,


Dear gymnastics friends,

We, the European Gymnastics Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All (TC GfA), are very pleased to welcome all of you to Burgas, Bulgaria. The city of Burgas will host the 9th Golden Age Gym Festival, taking place in September 2024.
We hope that in Burgas you will experience the best gymnastics week of your life, performing, taking part in different Workshops and socialising with friends from all over Europe. Most of the activities will take part in a beautiful park called Sea Garden located in the center of Burgas, along the seaside.
Besides Gymnastics throughout the week, Burgas can offer beautiful beaches by the Black sea, lots of cultural and historical places to visit and don’t forget to take a stroll by the harbour where you can find some nice restaurants. The weather is pretty mild in September with an average daily maximum of 25 and minimum 16 degrees.
The LOC is doing everything they can to prepare a great Gymnastics week for all of you. We are certain that all our gymnastics friends taking part in Golden Age will live an unforgettable week of sports, with lots of fun and enjoy the hospitality of the Bulgarian people.
We look forward to seeing you all.

Dear Gymnastics Friends,

The destination of the 9th edition of the Golden Age Gym Festival is Bulgaria. This Gymnastics for All event will be organized on the coast of the Black Sea – Burgas on September 22-27, 2024 for the first time.
Bulgaria proved itself to be a perfect host of events in Gymnastics Olympic disciplines. The nation known for love of Gymnastics, is the perfect place to showcase the diversity of this discipline.
Golden Age Gym Festival excites with its diversity, inclusion and enthusiasm. All the participants show not only their will and love for thesport, but also plant a seed for the upcoming generations.
This is the philosophy of Gymnastics – to bring physical and psychological tranquility to all the people, thus encouraging others to join them. In this term, the slogan of the Golden Age Festival can be “never say no to Gymnastics”.
There is already a great cooperation between the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation and the European Gymnastics Technical Committee for Gymnastics for All. The professionalism and experience of the Technical Committee, together with the efforts of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation and its Local Organizing Committee, will facilitate to a high-level delivery of this Festival.
I wish luck to the Organizers and participants in their preparations and already looking forward to being a part of the friendly atmosphere in the first month of fall in 2024.

Dear Gymnastics Friends,

On behalf of Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation and the Local Organizing Committee, the Gymnastics family of Bulgaria and our hundreds of volunteers, I am proud to greet you on the occasion of the 9th Golden Age Gym Festival 2024, our first ever big international Gymnastics for All event!
Bulgaria has great traditions in hosting large-scale sports events and we are very excited to be able to welcome all of you in Burgas, one of the largest cities in our country, a large economic, cultural and tourist center situated on the Black Sea short.
Enjoy Gymnastics! Enjoy Age! Enjoy life!
See you in 2024!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Dear athletes,

We are happy to announce that in 2024 the Golden Age Gym Festival will be held for the first time in Bulgaria, and the host of this event will be Burgas.”
Our desire is for the festival to become a pleasant experience not only for all participants but also for all our citizens and guests.
Burgas is a city with rich traditions in sports. Therefore, one of the goals of Burgas Municipality is to support clubs and athletes in their activities and participation in various competitions. At the same time, we are actively working on the development of gymnastic for all among people, because this is a way to maintain their health and create social contacts.
The Golden Age Gym Festival is proof that when a person has strong willpower and a desire to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, age does not matter. It helps create new friendships and at the same time shows how important it is to engage in sports at every age.
We are looking forward to all athletes and fans of gymnastics, and I can assure you that in Burgas, you can expect a lot of pleasant emotions and surprises.

Dear guest and friends,

Dear ladies from the Technical Committee for Gymnastics for All,

Dear family of Gymnastics for All,

It is a real pleasure for the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and for me personally to welcome you to Burgas on the occasion of this exciting event, the Golden Age Gymnastics Festival!
Let us show the world today that our future is together, that the sport leads us forward united, strong, brave, and beautiful inside and out. Let us show the world that everyone should be active and that life brings us joy and emotions at every age!
I express my gratitude to European Gymnastics for the trust it has placed in us, to our main partner Burgas Municipality, and to all our other partners for their invaluable assistance and support in organizing the Festival.
Dear ladies and gentlemen, let this celebration of gymnastics and movement bring us a lot of joy and unforgettable emotions! Have fun in our hospitable city of Burgas!


We are looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Burgas!


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