Burgas – eternal like the sea, exciting and artistic.

Island St. Anastasia

The only inhabited island in Bulgaria – St. Anastasia is located in the Burgas Bay on the Black Sea. The earliest human presence in its territory dates back to the Late Antiquity era (4th-6th century).
The “St. Anastasia Pharmacolytria (Healer)” Monastery is the only island Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria, part of which is preserved to this day. Part of it is the monastery church “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, which still functions today. It has a unique wooden iconostasis from the 19th century, with rich decoration and ornaments.
The island of St. Anastasia boasts unique natural phenomena formed by volcanic rocks, in which the sea waves have carved out whimsical shapes. Today, the island has been turned into a tourist complex and is one of the most visited attractions in Burgas. Here, you can try seafood prepared according to old local recipes. The old monastery cells have now been converted into guest rooms. An open-air stage has been built on St. Anastasia, where rock concerts, theater performances, operas, movie screenings, and recitals take place during the active summer season. You can reach the island in 30 minutes from Burgas with the two municipal boats that transport tourists.

Chengene Skele

Chengene Skele is a small fishing village located 15 kilometers away from Burgas. For many years, it has preserved the traditions and way of life of the local fishermen. In recent years, the fishing village has been transformed and is now one of the local attractions for tourists. The way of life of the old Burgas fishermen is preserved in several exhibition halls in the Chengene Skele cultural and tourist complex. They showcase moments from the lives and activities of the fishermen as well as the history of the Black Sea.
Today, fishermen often take on the role of tour guides and present visitors with the intricacies of their livelihood, such as weaving nets, repairing boats, and preparing delicious fish dishes.
In Chengene Skele you can spend your free time in a pleasant way by trying the delicious dishes in the small fish restaurant or by visiting one of the events held at the small amphitheater by the sea. From here you can take a short boat trip to one of the nearby points in the Burgas Bay.

Aquae Calidae

Aquae Calidae is one of the magnetic places in Burgas where you can touch upon the ancient times of the Thracians and the Roman Empire while enjoying a very pleasant vacation surrounded by beautiful nature. The history of this place dates back to ancient times when the Thracians created their sanctuary, known as the Three Nymphs, here in the 1st century BC. During the era of the Roman Empire, mineral baths were built on the site, which have been rebuilt over time.
Today, the newly built tourist complex returns you to this atmosphere, offering its visitors year-round opportunities for a pleasant vacation and entertainment.
Aquae Calidae today is also a modern aqua center, which is a replica of the old Roman bath with its functional elements. Here you can feel the healing power of the mineral water from local sources and explore the exhibition of archaeological finds discovered during the research of the site.