There will be 3 stages for city performances. The stages are located in the Sea Garden. They all meet the requirements, listed in GAGF Regulations, i.e: at least 2 performance areas with a floor space of 20 m x 25 m and a smaller one with a performance area of at least 14 m x 14 m will be provided.
The maximum time for each performance is 6 minutes (including preparation of the venue and marching in and out). Groups should be composed of a minimum of 6 active performers and each group has the opportunity to perform twice during the week. There will be changing rooms available at all sites. Performers should take care about props on their own. If you should require additional help from the LOC, please provide a written request as soon as possible.


The workshops are an important part of the Golden Age Gym Festival’s program of activities. From cultural to sports activities, the workshops are moments of experimentation and socialization among participants.


  • Registration is necessary
  • Every group can choose 4 closed workshops.
    The LOC guarantee at least 2 of them.
  • Groups must indicate their choice for the closed workshops with the definitive


  • Registration is not necessary
  • Every participant can go to 2 open workshops
  • Every participant can choose the time and the day that suits them for the workshop

At the workshops, english speaking volunteers will be present to help participants find their way to the workshop.
At least one volunteer will be present at each workshop to support the instructor, to guide the participants and to help in case of emergencies.
The duration of the workshops will be 45/60 minutes depending on the characteristics and needs of the workshop.

1. Special ChoreographyOne of the City Performances’ stagesClosed, registration needed
2. PBOXXNext to the Summer TheaterClosed, registration needed
3. Rhythmic GymnasticsTerrace of the Sea CasinoClosed, registration needed
4. AcrobaticsFlora (outside)Closed, registration needed
5. Beach TennisBeachClosed, registration needed
6. Traditional amuzing games Next to Summer TheatreClosed, registration needed
7. Yoga
Primorets (Active Recreation Zone)Closed, registration needed
8. Thai Chi
Summer TheaterClosed, registration needed
9. Aqua Gym
 Swimming Pool (Flora)Closed, registration needed
10. Paneurhythmy
Video 1 | Video 2
Grass lawn on front of West BeerhouseClosed, registration needed

1. Streching(Active Recreation Zone) Open
2. SalsaIn front of the brigeOpen
3. Tango
Video 1 | Video 2
Terrace of Sea CasinoOpen
4. Bachata In front of the bridgeOpen
5. Line DanceIn front of the FloraOpen
6. ZumbaStage “Snail” CasinoOpen
7. Traditional folklore dancesSummer TheatreOpen


The theme of the Forum is “Balance, health and independent way of living in the Golden Age”.

Participants in the forum will become acquainted with the role of meaningful activities for strengthening and preserving the health of older adults. A conceptual framework for an occupational therapy program specially designed for seniors in the Burgas region will be presented. The participants of the forum will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the practice of Panneurthymia (a system of gymnastic-musical exercises). The aim of Panneurthymia is to improve and maintain health, and to stimulate the harmonious development of the individual’s personality, human abilities, emotions, and attitudes towards life, by achieving harmony with nature (the universe, the cosmos). Moderators: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zlatka Dimitrova – University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petya Stefanova – University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” and students.

A representative from the White Brotherhood in Burgas will lead the practice.



1. Making of Bulgarian Symbolic ElementsSea CasinoClosed | Paid
2. BaticSea CasinoClosed | Paid
3. Art and Wine: Learning to paint while drinkingSea CasinoClosed | Paid
4. Single Crochet KnitingThe Fairy SquareClosed | Paid
5. PotteryArt club “Keramika” 12 Vazrazhdane blvd.Closed | Paid
6. Loom weavingStudioClosed | Paid